AM’s Lounge is a place for Amanda and her friends to display and/or sell their art:  their paintings, drawings, photos, poetry and writing.  Amanda can invite any of her friends, or people whose work she admires, to her lounge to showcase their work and to share their ideas.  And you can visit the lounge as well to see what’s going on and if there’s anything you’d like to take away with you.

As well as the paintings and drawings displayed here, AM is happy to provide images of a larger selection of work to anyone who is interested:  the works shown are just a small portion of a beautiful and thought-provoking collection that is available for viewing and buying.  Galleries may also be interested in providing a terrestrial exhibition.

Amanda Marshall is an architect and painter.  She lives and works in Notting Hill Gate.  She has exhibited in London and the provinces, as well as extensively working to commission.  Her main commitment as a painter is to exploring ideas and atmosphere through the medium of oil.  
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